Folk Art

Visiting Gallery Alma Blou at Landhuis Habaai is also visiting the Curaçao Folk Art Shop. Since the beginning of the gallery, it was important for Herman and Lusette Verboom to promote not only the local art, but also put the local artisans in the spotlight by presenting their skills to make very original handcraft products to the public. Today the gallery and the Folk Art Shop still complement each other exhibiting local art and handmade crafts but are completely separated from each other. While visiting Landhuis Habaai, you will first go through the different exhibition areas of the Gallery leading you to the Folk Art Shop.

Our artisans use a variety of materials for their craft, like driftwood, calabash, coconut and other disposable materials. Curaçao is proud to have so many artisans presenting their souvenirs and other items to our visitors. In the Folk Art Shop you will find also a collection of books and music showcasing the myriad of artistic flavors of the island.