Frame Shop

In our daily dealings with art, we do all the framing ourselves. We demand a high standard of quality of work. This is also the way we approach our customers while offering exceptional framing. Depending on their need, their taste and the artwork itself we advise on the best ways to have their artwork framed.

We do custom framing, using wooden moldings and only acid free materials as this is imperative to protect art in the tropics. We give a unique service based on knowledge, skills and talent to produce a one-of-a-kind product.

Our in-house framing expert Otmar Jennie, has been with us for years and also has an excellent eye on how an item is best displayed in a frame. Certificates, wooden dolls, t-shirts, embroidery, medals… we have framed them all and more. We also stretch canvas and or paintings for artists and art lovers alike.