Solo ta Baha – Bernadette Vieverich


Bernadette Vieverich pays tribute to the song of the legendary Rudy Plaate: 


Atardi Kòrsou ta bunita
Ora ku solo ta baha
Ora tur para ta kanta felis
Promé ku nan bai sosegá

Atardi para kant’i playa
Un goso ta yena nos alma
Ta manera nos isla ta hal’un rosea
P’e yama e dia ayó

Pero atardi tambe tin tristesa
Or’e dia ta yega su fin
Ta manera un parti di nos ta baiendo

i hamas nos lo bolbe mir’é

These are the lyrics to one of the most well-known songs of Curacao, written and sung by Rudy Plaate.
For each sentence of this song Bernadette made a painting, reflecting all the sky colors of the Curacao sunset.  These paintings will be on show during the exhibition SOLO TA BAHA at Gallery Alma Blou.

Opening: August 6, 2022
Time 17.30 – 20.00 hours
Landhuis Habaai, fr. Radulphusweg 4
Till August 20

Bernadette Vieverich studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Her works are in private collections around the world. Bernadette’s paintings are inspired by sunsets in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Curaçao.