Yu di Kòrsou Uní – Siman di Kultura

Gallery Alma Blou in collaboration with Kas di Kultura Kòrsou

curated by Josée Thissen-Rojer

Curaçao has a diversity of cultures that together make this island very special. Artists, born in other countries, also find their way within this cultural diversity. Our cultural expressions are influenced by all who populate this island.

Gallery Alma Blou has always emphasized the local art as being expressions of artists living on the island, but not necessarily born in Curaçao. And each year, Kas di Kultura Kòrsou spends a week on the Curaçao culture during Siman di Kultura. Which is why Gallery Alma Blou, in collaboration with Kas di Kultura Kòrsou proudly brings you the exhibition ‘Yu di Kòrsou Uní’ during Siman di Kultura.

To capture this theme, curator Josée Thissen-Rojer approached artists who live in Curaçao, but that were not born here. With this exhibition they were asked to show how the island inspires them in their artistic expressions.

You are invited to the opening on Friday, September 21, 2018 from 7:30 to 9 PM.

The exhibition can be viewed until October 13, 2018.