Aruba Art Fair

Aruba Art Fair was born in 2016 by his dynamic director Tito Bolivar. His vision of transforming the village of San Nicolas in an artistic neighborhood was not only locally embraced but he also knew how to involve artists from all over the world to participate and make this art fair big. Interesting is the fact that this art fair is a street happening where murals, folk art, fashion shows and in door exhibitions, all blend together to unify all artistic expression as a whole.

Gallery Alma Blou is honored to curate a show for artists from Curaçao. While it is not easy to make a choice when Curaçao has so, so many talented artists more than able to represent our island, these three artists has been selected to be on this curated show:

Marti Genger who has been creating extensively elaborated pieces of art based on her intellectual approach of life. She is not very active any more as a visual artist, but dedicates her time now days on writing. She has been awarded locally and internationally several time for her artistic work. Her art work is timeless and can be implemented in any period of time.

Otmar Jennie expresses himself in a very authentic way. Having worked in the ceramic industry for years he became a framer and has seen many artistic expressions going through his hands. In 2017 he started making his own sculptures out of concrete and has been developing himself since than very rapidly making out door sculptures that appeals to the public because they are colorful and fun.

Cuban born artist Angel Luis de la Rosa came to Curaçao in 2009 and has integrated in the Curaçao art community effortless. After he finished the Academy of Fine Art in his home town Santiago de Cuba he became a professional artist and won several prizes during his artistic career with many works in n public spaces.