Feel at Home – Hortence Brown

Hortence Brown is one of the first artists who started using the limestone from the Tafelberg for her sculptures. She was a math teacher at a secondary school in Curaçao. After developing her artistic skills in her free time, she soon discovered that being an artist was her real passion. Hortence is also the one who started with the bronze foundry on Curaçao, leading the way for local artists to cast bronze here. She owes her popularity mostly because of her Big Mama, sitting at the entrance of the Kurá Hulanda Museum.

The sculpture garden at Hortence’s home is surely worth a visit. During this open-door exhibition, she will not only sell her work on display, but also work out of her collection of local and Caribbean artists she has been collecting during many years.

‘Feel at Home’ will start on Sunday December 8 from 11 AM to 7 PM. From 11 AM until noon, you will enjoy live music by Judy Sprock and Enid Lucasius.

The event will take place until December 14, on weekdays from 11 AM to 5 PM.