Floating Bridges – Various Artists

We started the year 2020 very optimistic, with lots of ideas to prepare for the celebration of our 25th Anniversary of Gallery Alma Blou. By March we settled into a lockdown to open again in June with the solo exhibition of Bianca Berends. This has been a very challenging period for all of us, where economically and socially big changes are taking place in our society. As a gallery, we are also looking at ways to overcome these challenges.

During the lockdown, we have been working on a project called ‘Floating Bridges’ to involve and engage artists more in all the changes we and our community are experiencing. One of the conditions while applying for funds for this project, is that the Gallery has to contribute financially too.

This is why we have created this special exhibition, featuring beautiful paintings of our own private collection collected over all the 24 years of our existence. This way, we hope to generate the necessary funds for our ‘Floating Bridges’ project.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated to help make this possible.

You are invited to visit this exhibition on show until July 22, 2020.