Tesoronan hexagonisá – Avantia Damberg

Avantia Damberg has been fascinated with the hexagon for a long time. Considered a sacred geometrical shape that has the ability to be repeated and remixed, the hexagon – or 6-pointed star – is a common icon used in many religions and cultures around the world. This symbol is made from two opposite triangles, which represent the masculine and feminine, the earth and sky, interlocking in perfect harmony.

Because of the religious aspect and its unique natural form, Avantia is so much fascinated by the hexagon that she has been on a journey to discover more about how nature presents us this shape in different ways. With this exhibition called ‘Tesoronan Hexagonisá’ she takes us with her and makes us aware of how the hexagon can be found in everything around us. It will be present in her paintings, video art and installations.

Gallery Alma Blou welcomes you on Saturday, July 25 from 10 AM to 4 PM for the opening of the exhibition where the artist will be present to take you with her through her fascination with the hexagon.

A date for a Hexagon Kite Workshop with Avantia will be announced shortly.

The exhibition will be on show until Saturday, August 8, 2020.