Group Exhibition 2022

Exciting 2022 for Gallery Alma Blou

First of all, we wish you a healthy and creative 2022 to enjoy life and all good it brings to us.
As many of you know Herman and I decided to put Land house Habaai on sale.
I still enjoy every moment of my work and can guarantee you that I will be working with art for years to come.
But… We also want to slow down a little bit and don’t want to reach a point where circumstances force us to stop.
At this moment we just wait for the right person to come by. This means that, for the time being Gallery Alma Blou will continue organizing exhibitions, art events and representing our local artists and be an open house for all our art lovers. 

2022 started with a beautiful group exhibition, featuring work of all artists represented by the gallery. We are showing large artwork for your living room, but also smaller paintings to enhance that space in the corner of your dining area or your porch. 
From Len Gillen we have unique ceramic bowls to serve soup, salad or your desert.
Our hand made souvenirs are very unique and of high quality.

Gallery Alma Blou, with its unique souvenir shop has much to offer to you as art lover. You are very much welcome to visit us.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9 – 17.00 hours. Saturday from 10 – 14hours an Monday closed