Goodbye Curacao – Ria Houwen

Goodbye Curacao
Ria Houwen

Ria Houwen is one of our loved local artists that has immigrated to Curacao since 1972 and never left. She is one of the most well known artists on the island. Not only because she has been teaching fine art to so many students in our community, but also because of her beautiful art.

After living for over 50 years in Curacao, she took the brave decision to reunite with her son, grandchildren and sisters, all living in the Netherlands.

She will be saying goodby to Curacao coming March.

But before she leaves she treats us a fare well exhibition at Gallery Alma Blou, presenting a extensive collection of all the artwork she has been creating during the years, inspired by our nature, our people and the sea.

This will be on Sunday, February 6, 2022 from 10 – 14.00 hours.